Here I land – after a hiatus of nearly three years! Well, I suppose my earliest stint at the blogworld does not really merit a position in my blogging career, given the fact that it had a dream run of exactly three posts – I no longer remember what I called it!

Anyway, since then I’ve always fantasized about having a blog running into pages which would give me a chance to grin at my monitor in those utterly jobless moments, but then, I’ve just been too lazy I guess. OK, that sounds lame even to me. The thing is that I love writing, and reading blogs is one of my favorite pastimes. And every time I read a blog, I feel an overwhelming urge to write a post about some arbit thing! But by the time the thought translates to action, that urge disappears God-knows-to-where!!!

Finally it took this blog to fuel me enough to set up a new blog. Revathi Ramanan, whoever you are, you have an ardent fan for your writing! 🙂 I could relate to about a thousand things in her writings and that made the reading experience so beautiful! I stumbled upon her blog merely by chance and finished reading all her posts in a record two days! (Please do not think I get paid by my company to read blogs, though I did have that insane wish even as I was typing that sentence 😉 Why I am here and what I do will figure in future posts.)

So, the minute I finished reading her last post, I set out with new found vigor and enthusiasm, only to land at my first confusion – Blogspot or WordPress?

1. My first forgettable innings of blogging happened in the Blogspot domain and logically I am led to assuming that the stars do not favor my blog featuring in Blogspot. Ok, even I realize that the stars have better things to do than sit and worry if my blog will flourish in Blogspot or WordPress, but then that is always the case with me- if something goes wrong, blame it on the stars 😛 So, WordPress it is!

2. I think the themes offered in WordPress beat the ones in Blogspot hands down! I mean, can you believe I spent a good 2 hours trying out ALL the themes in WordPress to check what looks smartest on “Of All Things Inconsequential”?! Beats the trial room experience in Lifestyle, cos the minute you take around 8 tops for trial, the lady there knows you are not going to pick any of them and starts giving you dirty looks.  But isn’t that what trial rooms are meant for! Trying on dresses gives me infinitely more pleasure than shelling out money to buy them!:P Anyway, coming back to the topic, I absolutely loved around 9 themes and finally chose one to start off with. I intend to keep changing the look of ramblifixion once in a while!

The theme part being done, I was all excited about posting my first post. Lots of randomness poured in from all corners of my mind, but this being the first post, I thought I d restrict the content to have SOME relevance to the title of the post.

To all of you who are reading this, thanks for stopping by! I intend to keep posting often, so please do feel free to visit/comment!


7 thoughts on “Beginnings!

  1. @Sumi : Thankie ! 🙂 I know am assured of atleast one reader/one comment for everything I post ! 😛

    @Anand : TY ! Sure will do ! 🙂 You keep at it too !

  2. @Sanket : Thanks for stopping by ! Hope to see more of your blogs too ! 🙂

    @Nivy : Just because I completely don remember, you CANNOT take advantage of me like this ! Get here soon !!! 🙂

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