Truly Pagal

It all started on Jan 9th, when the CAT was out of the bag. Though I knew that I wanted to do an MBA ‘sometime’, I was as clear about its timing as the TN Meteorological Department is of Chennai monsoons! So, Jan 9th did throw up a pleasant surprise when my CAT score was a tad better than I had expected (That is when I truly relished the pleasure of setting my expectations low :P). My flawless logic(huh!) told me that the stars were conspiring to get me an admit this academic season. Taking it to be an auspicious sign, I set out to apply to colleges that still had their admissions open.

This is when PagalGuy became an obsession.

My internet utilization at office reached new levels with me refreshing the threads I had subscribed to, a million times a day (Thankfully, PG is one of the few “time killer” sites that my office server graciously refrained from blocking!).My life literally revolved around admission updates, deadlines, twiceblessedman, aztekmonk and the likes. I empathized, sympathized, envied and looked up to a hundred people I had never met, never spoken to – their only relevance to me being – they were applying to the same schools as I was and shared my feelings of excitement and uncertainty. Take it from me; if ever you are looking to apply to B-schools, PG is THE go-to place! Threads moderated by representatives of respective colleges are a virtual treasure trove of any info you might require about the school. It could be maddening initially, but once you start posting and following, you get addicted to its pulse!

Complementing this was – going thro student profiles of the current batch in colleges I had applied to. Pointless activity I know – especially when it reached a stage where I knew that some random X had done his engineering in a random Y college, and had worked for N months in Z company in L profile before joining M school for MBA! Still I religiously continued this activity of staring endlessly at guys in business suits – it just gave me a kick to picture myself right there, along with a set of prospective students. Talk of day dreaming!! Anyway, the comment that this harmless activity evoked from a suspicious colleague was – “Hey! Are you by any chance groom hunting? Looking to catch smart guys right out of a B-school huh?! “I was like ?!?!??.(On second thoughts, it does seem like a better option than 😉 I shall reserve some absolute gems from this site for another post!)

Anyway the four – month long obsession of all this died a rather sad death a couple of days back, when the last rays of MBA hope that I had clung on to came crashing. The only school that saw me worthy of an interview call told me in no uncertain terms that I had failed to make the cut (Ye STARS! HAVE U BEEN NAPPING?!) That leaves me to at least another year of Java, SQL, Exceptions and the works I guess. Sigh!


4 thoughts on “Truly Pagal

  1. hehe!
    OMG!that was some obsession!

    i can empathize on u.. iam pretty much on the same boat as u are…!

    Java ,sql etc….needs u!…dont temme u were neva happi doing all that u did..huh? excel ,spot po …!


  2. I was there through all the “paagalpan” and now I’m a self-confessed addict myself 😉
    And..I dont think I can ever forgive you for giving PG more attention than me 😀

  3. Pagalguy a better option than Matrimonial sites?!?!?!..I am definitely waiting for that post!!..:)

    Lovely blog…!

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