Why is it that when you have to make life-altering decisions, you are faced with the most difficult of choices?

Is it a crime to have expectations – what is life without expectations? What do you do when a person on whom you have pinned all your expectations sends them crashing and in the blink of your eye, the castles just vanish? Can such a person ever be forgiven?

Why is it so difficult to meet expectations of really close ones and in the process not let go of things that mean so much?

Why is it so difficult to digest that some things are irreparable?  Can broken relationships ever be mended? Is it possible to completely remove the artificiality of such mended relations?

Are things changing? Will they ever be the same again?

These are mere questions. I am NOT looking for answers. Destiny rules and time heals.

PS: Pretty excited about the red dot right in the middle of Australia. And intrigued as well! 😀


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