Looking back…

Stumbled on to this blog from I-don-remember-where. I seem to have developed this knack of picking up scent and landing myself at some really amazing blogs(Yes, I can make myself sound like Sherlock Homes in the most irrelevant context. and also as if me finding the blog is more amazing than the blog itself :P). Something about the blog felt familiar – could not put my finger on it though. Till I saw a photograph. Then it clicked. Mrs. Praveena Devarajan.

Instantly brought back so many flashes. Of a school that gave me some of the best years of my schooling – from VI – L to X – L. Of Shri-Gurubhyo-Namaha and one-set-of-shlokas-a-day prayer culture. Of extracurricular activities and all rounder prizes. Of SPL elections and voting. Of GA sessions. Of the overwhelming tam-brahmism all around. Of so many friendships and trippings. Of puppy crushes. Of harmless academic competition and jealousy. Of Annalakshmi and Anand Bakery. Of so many cherished moments. AND last, but beyond the rest by a looong way – Of teachers who doubled up as moms and aunts outside home. They grew with us from primary to middle school to higher secondary. They grew with the school from a time when having an ‘E’ section meant a “big” school to handling L, M, N and R sections.(I still find it odd when my cousin says she is in VI -R πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t be surprised if a second cousin’s daughter came up and said she was in PRE KG-Z, a few years down the lane :P). When I stepped into the school in class VI, it took me a while to get adjusted to the kannas and dears in their language, but those five years, I so reveled in their love. Middle school was especially memorable. Things being light on the academic front, going to school and sitting in those classes used to be such a pleasure. Something I never quite felt after stepping out of PSBB. I even remember feeling proud and showing off to other section students when one Mrs. Chitra Devanathan was made our class teacher in Class VIII. She was one of the hot favorites in middle school. πŸ˜€

Those were the times when little joys were really appreciated, and contentment came easily. Sans complexities.

I moved out to a state board school after 12th, and to be fair, it did do wonders academically. But “school life” in its truest sense, died a sad death. Even till date, my bro refuses to accept me as a “true” PSBBian, for I did not complete my schooling there, but when somebody asks me where I studied, PSBB is what I automatically say. πŸ™‚

Over the last 6 years, I’ve been shocked by some tragic happenings – the passing away of Mrs. RC and Mrs. PD… Filled my heart with grief – the loss felt so personal … may their souls rest in peace – in the belief that they touched thousands of lives in more ways than they could’ve ever imagined! Lots of really loved teachers moved out/retired, and the β€œsoul” of the school that I could relate to was gone. Or so I thought. Not really sure of how I would feel in that place again, I went about a year back to collect bro’s report card, and the minute I stepped in, I was so swept off by a wave of nostalgia. Mrs. X complaining that her son spent far too much time on the comp. Mrs. Y anxiously enquiring how her daughter was in class. Miss. AVC patiently assuring Mrs Z that she strongly believed that her son was a genius no doubt, but only needed to cut down on extra curricular activities, attend classes more frequently, do some school work and ensure that he passed. That he had a bright future was beyond question (Trust these angels to stand up for us! :D) I just quietly went up to her when my turn came and asked for bro’s report card. One long look at me, a squeal of delight, and her characteristic jump off the table (These people never age, and thank God for that!). Pavithra! It s been so long! And A is your brother? The brat never told me! (No wonder! He DETESTS any association with me in school.) After a conversation that went on the lines of the school never having witnessed such a gem of a batch as ours and today’s kids are getting more uncontrollable and how delightful it is to be visited by β€œold” students, I went out feeling like a million dollars! πŸ™‚ Another absolutely delightful meeting with Mrs. Chitra Devanathan and my day was truly made πŸ™‚

Long Live PSBB and its spirit!


13 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. all blogs of blogspot got blocked in office..
    ppl like u in wordpress are the only hope!
    long time since u wrote ..anything!
    write something!!! πŸ˜›

  2. @Sanket : Ty! πŸ™‚
    well , i think i got lost in my own thought process … the link is that the pic i found on the blog was that of my teacher , who unfortunately is no more 😦

    @S : Soon!

    @Anand: awww! thats sad ! πŸ˜›
    i am following ur advice to the T … all that ” don get too involved in this blogging business ” stuff πŸ™‚
    Bad excuse I know – shall post something soon !

    • I know ! πŸ˜€ been following your blog for quite a while now – read it up till the very first post! πŸ™‚ Lovely space you’ve got there ! πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah 😐 (and wishing i could say no πŸ™‚ ). What about you? working somewhere in Bangalore I gather ?

    • Yes, followed the conventional PSBB> Engineering>Software>MBA>Software path :-(. Work out of Bangalore now.

      When did you pass out of BITS?

      p.s: would be more convenient on gtalk dont you think? Dont want to give bio data in the form of comments on your blog πŸ˜›

  4. well well! stumbled on this blog from Nivy’s…nice one keep going! How’s it going?
    ex-co-journeyman(man I made up yet another word!)

    • πŸ˜€ thanks for visiting ex-co-journeyman ! πŸ˜€
      I ve been good! what have you been upto ? Studying?Working?

      • Thats nice:) So how is the trip coming along? How long are you here?
        and yeah, i ve been working in chennai for the last couple of years now!

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