Of that box!

It was the 6948002378th episode of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (whew!) when IT happened! Laments could be heard all over Chennai – Ekta Kapoor was just getting to the “crux” of the story and just three generations had been covered. WHAM! The CAS was imposed within the metropolitan limits and it marked the end of the glorious days of Star Network,Zee,Sony and more importantly ALL the sports channels!(Who said DD SPORTS counted !)

TV viewers in Chennai were doomed to the likes of the Sun TV, Raj TV, Jaya TV… Oh forget it! Just make it one Tamil channel for every damn political party in this state – The idiot box truly lived up to its name. But Chennai, not to be put down, took in style to Tata Sky and the likes despite their then exorbitant rates, and soon, the “set top box” could be seen adorning the idiot box in most homes in Chennai.

My parents, unfazed, saw in all this an unexpected solution to their problem of kids watching too much television at home. The law was made: No Set top Box at home till A goes to college. (College? That was AGES away!). But we had to live with it anyway. Mom gradually made a smooth transition- Kolangal and Anandam effortlessly replaced KGGK and KZK (don bother figuring out the abbreviations, just alternate K’s with any alphabets on the keyboard, and wham! u have a soap!) and continued with a different, yet similar saga of lamentation and vengeance. Dad, unaffected, had his usual uninterrupted quota of the news channels. Bro coped with this situation in a way that left my parents thinking set top box would have been a better option – he took to gaming. Hours in front of the TV translated to hours of FIFA and Cricket. Whatever the purpose was, it took a royal beating!

Now, for as long as I can remember, I have never been too much of a TV freak – it has always been books – over anything, for leisure. But still, some shows were sorely missed – KBC – II (which I heard did not come even close to the prequel), Channel V and MTV (This was the worst blow), BQC, cricket matches (:( ) and occasional movies … But later as I went away to college, TV watching dwindled down to the news and flipping through Tamil music channels at home during vacations. Over the past couple of years, it has reduced to something I would resort to only in the worst moments of my boredom, having absolutely no other choice.

Suddenly, over the past couple of months however, the idiot box has suddenly made itself desirable to me – reasons being – Airtel Super Singer Season 2 and the IPL.

The “Indian” Premier League went to SA amidst heavy skepticism. The response and the enthusiasm have been stunning nevertheless. Barring the sad show by the CSK, some dismal, some plain unfortunate, the series has been a killer so far. Though I have a few favorites in almost every team, I fervently hope Dhoni’s men come back to form with a bang – for the love of my land 😛

Airtel Super Singer is on the last leg, with the wildcard round coming to an end. My votes went to Vijay and Ranjani and I really hope one of them make it to the finals. It’s been a long tiresome journey- yes, even for the viewers- with contestants walking out and in through various recall rounds, but some brilliant talent has been unearthed and honed, my pick of the lot being Vijay. Having religiously followed the show from its infancy to this stage, I stand in awe of the effort put in by the contestants. Also a wistfulness of sorts inevitably creeps in – the feeling that I should have taken music more seriously. Not really for the exposure, but at least to do justice to the resources made available to me.

And not to forget, a fondness for the “family” judges of course!
* Prasanna! Mind-blowing performance Prasanna, No ddoubt about it at all !
** Of course Prasanna, ongluke teriyum, I love your voice. Indha maari songs Prasanna eppodhume nanna paadum!
*** Prassyyy! Romba nanna irundudu prassy! Kocham anga inga shruthi paathukongo! (Followed by an animated performance, that is SO out of tune with his character, yet so adorable!)
Well, no prizes for guessing anything there!

Anyway, I hope that the producers would directly get to the finals after this and bring the show to its respectable end, with as little melodrama as possible. There’s also Airtel Super Singer Junior to follow this, and after some mind blowing stuff from Krishnamoorthy, Vignesh and co last time around, the asking is surely high ! 🙂