Ramblifixion Shots – I

Different day, different morning, same cab ride to the same office. I was looking out idly, half listening to the “kappi idea” on FM , taking in the lovely sights and spirit that scream “NAMMA CHENNAI” loud and clear – the pullayar kovil, kaiyendhi bhavans that wash out the differences between the top notch corporate and the rickshaw walas, exasperated van drivers honking away to glory at apartment gates waiting for the harried moms to rush out – Tiffin box in one hand and dragging along the sleepy kid who looks like it has no idea why it has to be put thro’ this ordeal of school…

And suddenly a poster caught my eye. What the hell! No it was not of Thatha or Amma. Staring back at me from all roads in West Mambalam was the face of Prasanna- yes, Prassy of Airtel Super Singer. “Ungal Vote Prasanna -vukke!!!” God! Please give me a break! This was supposed to be a “talent” hunt for heaven’s sake. And I thought the talent was restricted to the musical aspect of the word alone. Ten months, countless rounds – grueling ones judged by the who’s who of the music industry- and it all boils down to THIS. This guy just walks up and earns brownie points, err ‘votes’ for “showmanship’ and mass appeal. He is the most “popular” singer on the show. And yes, “popular” does not translate to “best” in terms of quality. What kind of a sham is this in the name of reality shows? Finally is it all only about gathering the maximum votes to get the coveted title – about the number of friends a contestant has plus the number of people each of them can coax into voting for his friend ,multiplied by the number of votes each of them is willing to cast for that contestant. Where does the talent factor figure in this equation? I am probably stretching it a little too far, but I absolutely LOATHE the idea of choosing the winner based on public votes. In some strange way, I feel foolish to have unfailingly watched every episode of this show, when actually it is just a glorified publicity gimmick by the sponsors.

Hmm … the last thing I would have expected 4 days back was DC winning the IPL. Sigh. I was dreaming of a CSK final and that kid from RCB brought it crashing. But I still wish it had been RCB instead of DC. For Kumble. For Dravid. And that kid, Manish Pandey 🙂

What a cric-weekend this has been! 😀 Three matches and a know-it all brother to watch them with – he makes it a point to flaunt MY ignorance at an amazing frequency of 3 spits an over. Yes, I HAVE to yap thro’ out the match and flaunt my own ignorance of the cric-technicalities. Not my fault ok! I tried desperately for some 10 years to understand vague things like mid-off, long -on, deep-gully and blah blah. Finally decided it was just not worth it. I can still root for my team with my heart and soul, scream for a six, howl for an out and enjoy every bit of the game! 🙂

Caught Lagaan this Sunday on Set Max (yeah, my cable operator thiruttuthanamaa relays set max during the IPL season. He better do the same for ESPN from June 5th! ). Man! What a movie! Clearly remember watching it a week after it released- in a non descript theatre called SSR Pankajam in Saligramam(wonder if it still exists! ). That was 8 years back I think. Though every song is on my favorite regular playlist, I have not managed to watch the movie again after that. What casting, what acting! Actually shed tears, despite perfectly knowing that Kachra’s ball would be a no-ball and Aamir would give a grand finish! 🙂

PS: Managed to finish Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup(His second book apparently). If ever any of you manage to lay your hands on that one, please tear it up for me. You would be doing the world a good deed. Period.


I wrote a good omelet…

I wrote a good omelet…and ate a hot poem…
after loving you

Buttoned my car…and drove my coat home…in the
after loving you

I goed on red…and stopped on green….floating
somewhere in between…
being here and being there…
after loving you

I rolled my bed…turned down my hair…slightly
confused but…I don’t care…
Laid out my teeth…and gargled my gown…then I stood
…and laid me down…
to sleep…
after loving you

— Nikki Giovanni

Simple combination of words, yet startling depth. Came across this beautiful piece on a friend’s page.  Resolve to start exploring the world of poetry. So much has been missed all these years!


I stand by, a mute spectator to another year zooming past, and for the first time in 23 years I look at my birthday for what it truly signifies – growing older. The feeling is not something I like at all. I earnestly wish, mindless though it sounds, that I could turn back the wheels of time and go back to times when life was intertwined with less complexities and responsibility.  The future beholds the unknown and scares, frightens at times. Yet, I swallow, and move… ahead.

Such a gloomy account of my birthday is hardly called for, you might say. But I feel the pinch of the irony hard. Year after year, birthdays used to be something to look forward to in the coming year and there was an impatience to rush out of one phase of life into another.  The prospects thro’ the years ranged from Salman pink (That’s how the school diary described the shade!) school uniforms of Class 6 to the idea of being a self sufficient and independent working professional. Yet, now, having accomplished all this, there is an overwhelming urge to will time to slow down, to evade, to escape, yet it surges ahead, catching me unawares…

This is a reflection of the years gone by – greenery shouts most conspicuously, yet there have been shades of other emotions, some of them stark and indelible.


Ok, I do not wish to foolishly stick to my claim of this painting having sprung as a reflection of my innermost feelings. This was just a result of a combination of extreme frustration at Java and inspiration from this blog. And thanks to Artpad of course. And as it neared its final stages, it struck my unfailingly uncreative art mind that the explanation I gave above is also plausible.

The above paragraph would not have made any sense to you if you did not have any clue of my “artistic abilities”. For the uninitiated, here goes! For the first ten years of my life, like all unassuming kids of my age, I slowly mastered the art of scenery drawings – 2 inverted blunt V s and an inverted U peeping out of them and alternate long and short lines surrounding it- all done to precise perfection. In fact I also went a step further to embellish this art with minute curvy V s (birds) and a shapely tree strutting out of the mountain. Extra effects like hut and a river flowing by the hut were added depending on momentary artistic temperaments. Stick figures of man and woman by the hut were the final touches to the master piece.

Over the last ten years however, the only art form I have been able to successfully master is Amoeba drawing. Whole of class seven, I painstakingly managed to create on my exam papers the most innovative forms of amoeba that even the most creative of the species would not have thought of assuming. Sadly though after that one year, I have never gotten the opportunity to display my …err… talents.

Now I guess it makes more sense why this blurb of colors merits position in my blog.

Oh, and it does bring back memories Kadhala Kadhala -of that bus journey from New Delhi railway station to Pilani on Rakesh ji’s bus, watching Kadhala Kadhala. Of the Falooda – Cassata and the right-left scenes!

And the train of memories is triggered… Again…