Ramblifixion Shots – I

Different day, different morning, same cab ride to the same office. I was looking out idly, half listening to the “kappi idea” on FM , taking in the lovely sights and spirit that scream “NAMMA CHENNAI” loud and clear – the pullayar kovil, kaiyendhi bhavans that wash out the differences between the top notch corporate and the rickshaw walas, exasperated van drivers honking away to glory at apartment gates waiting for the harried moms to rush out – Tiffin box in one hand and dragging along the sleepy kid who looks like it has no idea why it has to be put thro’ this ordeal of school…

And suddenly a poster caught my eye. What the hell! No it was not of Thatha or Amma. Staring back at me from all roads in West Mambalam was the face of Prasanna- yes, Prassy of Airtel Super Singer. “Ungal Vote Prasanna -vukke!!!” God! Please give me a break! This was supposed to be a “talent” hunt for heaven’s sake. And I thought the talent was restricted to the musical aspect of the word alone. Ten months, countless rounds – grueling ones judged by the who’s who of the music industry- and it all boils down to THIS. This guy just walks up and earns brownie points, err ‘votes’ for “showmanship’ and mass appeal. He is the most “popular” singer on the show. And yes, “popular” does not translate to “best” in terms of quality. What kind of a sham is this in the name of reality shows? Finally is it all only about gathering the maximum votes to get the coveted title – about the number of friends a contestant has plus the number of people each of them can coax into voting for his friend ,multiplied by the number of votes each of them is willing to cast for that contestant. Where does the talent factor figure in this equation? I am probably stretching it a little too far, but I absolutely LOATHE the idea of choosing the winner based on public votes. In some strange way, I feel foolish to have unfailingly watched every episode of this show, when actually it is just a glorified publicity gimmick by the sponsors.

Hmm … the last thing I would have expected 4 days back was DC winning the IPL. Sigh. I was dreaming of a CSK final and that kid from RCB brought it crashing. But I still wish it had been RCB instead of DC. For Kumble. For Dravid. And that kid, Manish Pandey 🙂

What a cric-weekend this has been! 😀 Three matches and a know-it all brother to watch them with – he makes it a point to flaunt MY ignorance at an amazing frequency of 3 spits an over. Yes, I HAVE to yap thro’ out the match and flaunt my own ignorance of the cric-technicalities. Not my fault ok! I tried desperately for some 10 years to understand vague things like mid-off, long -on, deep-gully and blah blah. Finally decided it was just not worth it. I can still root for my team with my heart and soul, scream for a six, howl for an out and enjoy every bit of the game! 🙂

Caught Lagaan this Sunday on Set Max (yeah, my cable operator thiruttuthanamaa relays set max during the IPL season. He better do the same for ESPN from June 5th! ). Man! What a movie! Clearly remember watching it a week after it released- in a non descript theatre called SSR Pankajam in Saligramam(wonder if it still exists! ). That was 8 years back I think. Though every song is on my favorite regular playlist, I have not managed to watch the movie again after that. What casting, what acting! Actually shed tears, despite perfectly knowing that Kachra’s ball would be a no-ball and Aamir would give a grand finish! 🙂

PS: Managed to finish Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup(His second book apparently). If ever any of you manage to lay your hands on that one, please tear it up for me. You would be doing the world a good deed. Period.


2 thoughts on “Ramblifixion Shots – I

  1. Ongaloda overwhelming anguish over prassy’s popularity puriyardhu.
    just take heart from the fact that, not alone him, the other 4 musically-talented fellows would also gain good recognition from now.

    Study this and you need not flaunt your ignorance any more

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