is offended by the impunity of javascript. Despite her best efforts at reconciliation, it has been swearing at her for two continuous weeks.  She is almost sure that javascript is just Peeves masquerading in the Muggle world.


is getting increasingly annoyed at her startling frequency of  use of certain phrases (some extremely local and cliched  ones at that!). She thinks that if somebody made a dictionary of her day to day vocabulary, they would land at no more than 100-150 words, with the count of the “strictly English” words amongst them being less than half that number. Sigh!


has been reading three men in a boat on her way to work and thinks it is an absolutely delightful book – oh the humor ! 🙂 🙂 She only feels ashamed that she is able to do no more than 2 pages a day of a book that should have rightfully taken just about a couple of hours if read at one go. But she knows ill days have fallen upon this world, so she is not going to try and convince unbelieving people that her work has been SO hectic that save her cab ride to office, she has just not been able to spare time for reading.

Oh! that reminds her –  she meant to ask Vikas Swarup something after she finished reading his second book. She has a strong suspicion that VS has turned script writer after the runaway success of SDM. Also, she is almost convinced that Six Suspects has been written for David Dhawan’s next flick – starring namma Vijayakanth and Bollywood head-turner Tushhar Kapoor.(Pssstt .. overheard : Ekta Kapoor has been roped in to oversee proceedings so that the mega serial quotient of the book remains intact!)Well well, this one sure is touted to be next in line for the Aascaars! Mr. VS, are you available for comments?


perfectly knows that she has piles of issues and bugs with fiery red eyes and sharp tentacles awaiting her, to make their breakfast, lunch and dinner out of her – yet she finds the complete inactivity on her blog extremely heart wrenching to say the least and has decided to right royally stage civil disobedience against her work.


PS : If you are wondering why she had to irrelevantly drag Mr. VS into this, let her assure you – it was certainly not to settle any personal score – she carries no vengeance against him. It’s just that her work is apathy personified – all her cynicism and sarcasm are completely lost on it – she needed something more tangible to take it out on. Period.



Nightmares are so reassuring …
There is hope to wake up,
to find that they were all
but mere dreams…


The truly ugly ghosts haunt
when the mind is wide awake,
desperate to step into the realm of dreams
or even nightmares,
because then,
there is always that hope
to wake up, to find
that they were all but  mere dreams