Ramblifixion Shots – II

Felt good about not having to set an alarm before going to sleep.

Felt good to wake up at periodic intervals right from 9am, sigh contentedly about not having to race against time to make it to the cab pickup point, dream in a half sleep-half wakeful state of all things inconsequential and finally drag myself out of the bed at 11.

Felt so good to dish out a long-forgotten DVD of Mani Ratnam flicks and run thro my favorite scenes of Mouna Ragam, Alaipayuthey, Iruvar and Ayutha Ezhuthu – letting so many random memories gush in. And a couple of FRIENDS episodes (yeah, I STILL haven’t finished watching them all :P). AND an age old video tape–converted VCD of an aunt’s wedding that happened a couple of decades ago (aarrgghh – the fact that I am recounting something that happened a couple of DECADES ago makes me feel REAL old :|) – pausing the VCD every time I caught sight of that absolutely adorable, roly-poly kid in green pattu pavadai, with that fountain on her head strutting up oh-so-cutely(she called it Pilki :D), running all over the place with her almost-as-adorable nandu sindu gang , religiously obliging every time she was asked to recite the “latest” nursery rhymes she had been taught, trying to brush off the attention her brother was starting to get, with a gentlewomanly air, yet so hopelessly unable to conceal the pout every time the center of attention shifted off her ! Ah ! Good times don’t last too long, do they ?

Felt SO good to roam around the streets, to feel the Chennai afternoon again – to look at what life is between 9am-9pm in the city. No kidding, I AM serious! Cooped up in an office cube miles away from ground level, I get to see Chennai temperatures soar and fall only on news reports and I was beginning to get so paranoid about this that being roasted for an entire afternoon in Pondy Bazaar almost came as a welcome relief!

Felt so good to wake up (in the aforementioned manner of course) on a lazy Saturday morning – wondering how the day was going to be killed, rummaging thro’ the Hindu for some activity, ANY activity – and there you go! Sikkil Gurucharan concert scheduled for the evening. Three hours of absolute bliss – unadulterated. I am not even going to try and put into words the level of peace I felt in those three hours. The level of mastery of each accompanist- it almost felt like a rehearsed conversation between the instruments- yet the spontaneity of it was startling! Mentally resolved to learn up Santhanagopalakrishnam in Kamas – the sheer beauty of the raga and the composition! 🙂 Am already counting days to December – and I am going to make sure I manage to catch as many concerts of Gurucharan, Ranjani-Gayathri and TMK as I can!

Fast forward to present. Life has not changed, not one bit. Back to the same work desk with the same work staring back at me ruthlessly. But what a world of good the five-day holiday of vettiness and nothingness did!


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