Yay ! Its stopped raining in Chennai! Rains are nice and romantic and all that mushy stuff ONLY when you can curl up on your bed with a novel and music and gaze out from your window. No, it aint all that pretty when you KNOW you SO want to do all of that , but you HAVE to (Sigh!) wake up and force yourself to a workplace – with so much work to do that it s only a matter of time before – sigh! forget it! I shudder to think of whats the worst that could happen.

Double Yay ! It aint blazing in Chennai either. It is SO awesome that rightfully you should kill yourself for wasting away at your work desk when there are a zillion better things that can be done.

Triple Yay ! Just when you think you should indeed kill yourself, you suddenly get a 2 day leave approved and have a best friend’s wedding to look forward to ! πŸ™‚

Goodbye work ! Aadoo darling ! Here I come ! πŸ˜€


One thought on “Yippie!

  1. cars are much simpler to drive, when they have automatic gears, and there are such cars in plenty abroad…..i hope u get me :P!

    one of my neighbor aunty , doesnt know to ride bicycles/bikes cos she doesnt know to balance on 2 wheels, hence outta frustration she bot a maruti omni and keeps driving it taking her entire family.

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