Ramblifixion Shots – III

Dog, cat, ant, bat, or any-living-species-apart-from-human-beings lovers, do not read ahead. What follows is a vehement expression of fear and hate (more of the former inevitably leading to the latter) targeted specifically at dogs, but generally applicable to yes, any species apart from human beings. I am justified. What business do these fellows have to come sniffing at an unassuming girl’s ankles at 6 in the morning when she s executing THE “walk” that’s been in planning stage for at least six months now and has finally translated to action prodded by numerous guilt trips/taunts/nightmares of blowing up to a level of not being able to walk thro the doorway (Ma! Stop exaggerating!) Don’t they have the common sense to realize that I am not too likely to parade at 6 in the morning with cat flesh/bones hidden under my slippers! Gah! Guys! Stop giving me nervous breakdowns – the world hasn’t had enough of me yet!

All ye Fords and Nissans! Listen up. What follows is an idea that could change your life. Well, not that I care about that, so more importantly, mine. Please make cars that I can drive around EXACTLY like the Scooty. I have absolutely no complaints against the Scooty. Except that I want a roof over me. And some funky doors on the sides. And I want to be able to drive more than just one person around. Well, that aint asking for much is it? I honestly have no use for four gears. Second 15-day stint at driving and I have started resigning myself to the fact that 4 gears+ clutch + accelerator + brakes + rear view mirror + steering = more than what my reflexes + grey cells can handle. Did you HAVE to complicate it so much!

My near-perfect playlist for the fortnight more than makes up for the monotony at work. Runs to a grand total of 3 albums – Dev D, Wake Up Sid, and Blue, with the preference quotient running in that order. Blue behind Wake Up Sid for the sole reason that Fiqraana sounds out of Yuva album, Rehnuma could pass off as a Hindi version of any Evanescence number and the starting of Aaj Dil Gustakh hai sounds like the starting of a local Vijay Antony number (no offence to VA, and I love the album all the same for the ARR factor :)). Dev D undoubtedly bags the “Pavithra Album of the Year” award (You can stop reading right away if you haven’t heard of that. :@). Thanks Girish for re-introducing me to Dev D, after I’d dismissed it off right away after listening to just Emosanal Athyachaar. I haven’t heard better Hindi music in a long time, and am sure Dev D will continue to be on the playlist for a LONG time to come! For the record, I’ve now started to like Emosanal Athyachaar as well.

Ok. The rant for the post is over. Giving it a nice, logical ending doesn’t tally with the rest of the post. So, I am leaving it at that.


2 thoughts on “Ramblifixion Shots – III

  1. cars are much simpler to drive, when they have automatic gears, and there are such cars in plenty abroad…..i hope u get me 😛 !

    one of my neighbor aunty , doesnt know to ride bicycles/bikes cos she doesnt know to balance on 2 wheels, hence outta frustration she bot a maruti omni and keeps driving it taking her entire family.

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