Beginnings – II

And so the whole of last week was spent trying to bundle up a whole lot of memories, some as old as 16 years, into an assorted collection of boxes to be taken away from the place that had lovingly cherished them for so long. It is still yet to sink in that we actually decided, after innumerable rounds of contemplation to move in to a different house. But shift we did finally, and just over one weekend, what had been “home” for as long as my memory holds became a “house” – to just leave behind a monster collection of stuff that we no longer require, that had accumulated over the years, nevertheless each a trove of memories –

* a forgotten pack of WWF cards that bro badgered dad into buying, after earnestly convincing him that he definitely would not try the stuff¬† Stone Cold Steve Austin(I stunned myself recalling that name ! :D) and Undertaker did on screen. For a couple of months or so after we bought those cards, bro and me would religiously settle down every single evening in the world of Yokozunas and Giant Gonzales and scream out ” Height 7’11” ; chest 56″ much to mom’s consternation.

* a whole load of Tinkles, Chandamamas , Gokulams and Champaks that I had saved from mom’s numerous bouts of for-heavens-sake-you-are-no-longer-10-all-this-stuff-is-going-to-the-raddi-wala-RIGHT-NOW . Stuff that despite all that, I love reading – to date. R K Narayan collections that make for THE perfect tea time read, to date. Other odds and ends books.

*I seem to have had this curious, rather sad habit of collecting all exam papers that had anything remotely like “good” scrawled across them.¬† And report cards. Most with ridiculous comments. Class VI report card : “Shows good scientific intent. Slightly slackening in mathematical abilities. Good student overall”. Hmph ! Gladly added them to the wealth of the raddi wala.

Well, and so many more other things that I had wished to put down in this space for the sake of posterity (Yes, it is of utmost importance to posterity what treasures I unearthed in this shifting process), but in the past week, carroms at work have been giving stiff competition to blogging time and hence I have been led to abandoning the noble deed I flagged off for the sake of posterity

***Ahoy Mylai ! ***

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