Last week was “The End” week. Started off with Pongal, our Thala Pongal, to be specific. Since I assume this blog has a cosmopolitan readership(:P), I will take a moment to explain that “Thala” festivals are the first time festivals celebrated after one’s wedding. Thala-diwali,Thala-pongal and the likes. Of course extrapolated to thala new year, thala birthday etc. No, that does not mean we celebrate thala sister’s week, thala international wear-a-pink-dress day and all. Those are solely Facebook’s “Life is a festival” initiative. So the thala year ended with K’s thala birthday. Despite being a person who has kind of started to accept that birthdays are only an indication that you are getting older, he was generally fussed over, dragged to buy birthday dresses and gifted with oh-so-lovely presents(by who else!). One’s hope is that he now knows the level of expectation he has to face, come May!

Oh and the birthday was occasion for a carrot kheer experiment. Though not as brilliant as mom’s turns out, it was a fair attempt, I should say! ๐Ÿ˜€

The week also marked the end of my career at R. It ended with the most awesome Mango Blueberry cake I have ever tasted. That was the only high point of the end. The place holds a huge bundle of fond memories, and I was truly sorry to leave. It is rather hard to think of another workplace as “office”. Too much sentiment for one office,no ? I know. Sigh! <This is a warning for you to expect more “gyaabagam varudhe” posts on R in the future>

Just to end on a more cheerful note, pick up Dork by Sidin Vadukut if you have time to kill and want to laugh it out. It is like this glorified blog, nothing literary, but super fun to read.

PS: First post from the new office P, on Day 1. HUGEE sign of productivity, I know ๐Ÿ˜€


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