Kanna-Pinna :D

Edited to add : This post won THIS contest hosted by Light Story. Mighty thrilled! 😀 Way to suddenly make the day significant , huh ? 😀

I logged on to FB to see my news feed swarming with Val-D related posts. Ok now, it makes sense to me to celebrate an anniversary or even the day when a couple first met or something. Memorable personal milestones, yes. But Val-D ? No harm in universally celebrating love I know, but it does seem to be a tad overrated. Though the day is only as special as any other for both of us, I am tempted to indulge in the spirit a little and write about something that’s made me smile every time I think about it.

K: Sing? No way! What are you even thinking?
So this was during one of the numerous lets-visualise-our-wedding sessions we had in the weeks leading up to our wedding. Topic of discussion that day happened to be Nalangu,a personal favorite event of Tambrahm weddings. Being the music obsessed family ours is, it was a given that both of us would be asked to sing, post the “games” sessions. Well, modesty be damned, I was not only looking forward to that, but was even prepared with the song (Sundari neeyum, from MMKR, for the record). So K, being the ONLY person I know who gets conscious even while bathroom-singing was flabbergasted, and was probably hoping that they would entirely forget this whole singing business.

Cut out to the actual wedding Nalangu…
All the mamis and kids: Paadungo! Maaplai paadi thaan aaganum <The groom HAS to sing>. I look on smugly, a tiny part of me wondering how he was going to get away without singing, but most part of me impatiently waiting for them to ask ME to sing, so that I could burst into Sundari Neeyum.
K squirms. I grin.
And suddenly he looks at me, smiles and breaks into wait-for-it Sundari Neeyum! I am startled, while he continues to sing, looking at me, cousins all around ohooo-ing the chorus for added effect. Dumbstruck,I smile back and start singing along, putting in a superhuman effort to not rush and give him a bear hug there. Did I tell you he totally stole my thunder, yet left me feeling like a million bucks? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Kanna-Pinna :D

  1. The last time this world ever saw Mr. “K” do two things-
    1.) Sing
    2.) Blush (Caught on camera by yours faithfully)

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