Ananda Jaladhosham

Note: Translation would kill whatever little smile this post may evoke. So, non-Tamils, feel free to skip ! ๐Ÿ™‚

On the phone :
me : Naa sunday movie poren
a(the sibling): oh endha movie?
me: Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi – Sid padam (with full girly effect, which is totally lost on him)
a: oh. (pause). hey , oru pudhu siddharth padam vardhu. Sid and that girl, semma azhaga iruppale.. Vikram padathla varuvaale?
me: amala paul?
a: haaan…
me: andha padam thaan da naa paaka poren..
a: cha, adhu illa. idhu vera. indha padam peru Ananda Jaladhosham.
me: wtf! jaladhosham aa? olaraadhe da
a: illa, nejamaa.. adhaan padam per. enna thaan imagination-o! jaladhosham, bedhi nu !
me: I still think nee olarara nu. Jaladhosham nu yevanaavdhu padam per veppanaa da?I have never heard of this. And moreover Sid and Amala Paul same time la 2 movies aa?
a: hey illa, I am telling you… I’ve been seeing promos for Ananda Jaladhosham for the last 2 months. Andha speech bubbles pottu promos irukkume… paathadhu illa nee ?
me: #Headslap! pakki!(plus choicest selection of expletives) Adhu dhaan da Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi.
a: Huh? You sure?

Put down phone. Marvel at the brother’s idiot imagination and guffaw. Yes, very mature, I know.
Go and report to K – A thinks there is a movie of Siddarth called Anandha Jaladosham!
K: Ennadhu Jaladhosham aa. Hee Haw (Birds of the same feather yada yada)

2 days later comes the justication :
Heart Beat Kooda Dumb Beat Aagum Love
Thermometer Thangathu Intha Love
ICU ku Ponaalum I Love Unu Varumvomae
Ananda Jaladosham Intha Love Love
Ananda Jaladosham Intha Love

This is a song in the movie, apparently. If the lyrics can be these, then pigs can fly and hell, yes, call a movie Ananda Jaladhosham, by all means !
On the same note, I hope to God the movie is decent. After the 180 debacle, its going to be one hell of a task for me to gather company for Sid movies if this one lets down too. A delectable Sid is not a reason good enough for people, it seems. Hmmm.


3 thoughts on “Ananda Jaladhosham

  1. @Adit: You still watch more movies than I do.
    @Ramikka : I watched it on Sunday ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Liked it too – sooper funny in parts ! Timepass – paisa vasool !

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