Of REST(lessness) and SOAP(y) stories

Walk into office half-sleepy. Find office almost empty. Curse Monday mornings. Settle down and check Gmail. Get updated on a friend’s wedding reception and smile – super happy for her to have pulled off the wedding in such style, and sorry for having missed attending the reception.

Check Facebook. Oscar news splashed all over. Get all updates(when five minutes earlier, you had no clue that the Oscar awards ceremony was happening last night). Check out all the cheesy romance/nostalgia/reunion/food/troll pics, and randomly like them, just to feel alive on FB. Offer your own cheesy romance/nostalgia/reunion/food/troll pics/updates if available and patiently wait for someone to acknowledge them. Else start a mental rant about how there is absolutely nothing happening in your life worth showing off. Else do a cynical – “Ugh! Whoever puts up minute to minute live updates on FB? Do they presume we really want to know what they had for dinner last night or with whom they have been coochie-cooing in the Bahamas?” rant <smirk for added effect>, then go ahead and meticulously check out the Bahamas pictures and trace the lives of the people tagged, their friends, THEIR friends and so on. You see, Hypocrisy is non-existent in the FB world.

Move over to your most favorite activity. Open all the blogs you have bookmarked, and check if any of your favorite bloggers have updated. Mostly negative. Sigh. Dull day ahead. Dig out their archives to see if there is an odd-post that you might have missed out. Mostly negative again. Muse on the strange connect you feel with a bunch of people entirely through their blogs, to the extent that you know the personal traits of their family members, still you would not even be able to put a real name or face to any of their blogs. Make a mental note to de-lurk on their blogs sometime and make a “real” connection.

Half-heartedly open your workbench and realise you have a lot of catch-up to be done. Google up the two technologies that you ought to have learnt a week ago and open a couple of their tutorials. <Ignorable geek alert> REST – Representational state transfer and SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol</Ignorable geek alert>. Stare at the two words and wonder why something as blissful as REST should turn into something monstrous. Think sleep. Think couch. Start feeling sleepy. Zone out of the tutorial. Think of the nice weekend you just had with the grandparents, subsequently of summer vacation every year at the native. Think of last night’s bus journey back to Chennai, and loss of sleep, which brings you back to – REST. Try to get back your focus to stay on the tutorial. Get a feeling that you have been at it for ages, look at the desktop clock and realise it has only been 45 mins. No, its not even time for lunch yet.

Open the SOAP tutorial – Soap. Think Johnson’s Baby soap. Think mega serial. Think Chittiiii. Think 24. Think nice, hot, long shower. Marvel at your own perspectives of the simple word – soap. Its a pain that it also has something to do with simple object access protocol. Wonder if you would think of such idiot protocols every time you looked at Johnson’s Baby soap. Push all this aside, and slog through the tutorial.

Desperately hope it is time for lunch. It is, almost. Hurriedly write a crap post out of all above inspirations and consider a job well done for the day.


4 thoughts on “Of REST(lessness) and SOAP(y) stories

  1. You forgot to mention ‘curse office for being as cold as Alaska, then stare at desktop image of Alaska(or the Arctic or whatever) to get a complete feeling’

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