(Big Fat) Bullet Points

So the last 2 months have been home-alone time for K and me, with the in-laws away visiting K’s brother. Running the household on our own, planning every single meal, paying bills, loads of “us” time, splitting all the work rushing thro’ weekday mornings, doing 24 marathons, visiting places, celebrating our first anniversary, cooking together/for him – it has been one lovely fun period. Nevertheless, I am already looking forward to their return in a week – waking up to a steaming cup of Bournvita in the morning from amma, getting less worked up about household issues, come home and not have to stare at an empty house but be greeted with warm smiles instead, watching TV together, listening to random mambalam/family gossip and generally being treated as the children of the house – both of us have definitely missed all this and more! The routine gets back to place in a week.


Guess what was waiting for me when I got home from work on our anniversary eve ?

The surprise anniversary dinner by K!

Surprise dinner of veg pulav and corn capsicum peas masala, followed up with Rava Kesari. All done from the scratch by K! We licked it clean – it tasted much better than it looks! Totally made my day ! πŸ˜€


We finally wrapped up 24 – I did, to be more precise, and K was forced to do a re-run to give me company! 8 seasons – that is nearly 200 episodes ! More than I could have ever dreamt I was capable of ! Numerous marathon days of sitting glued to the laptop, our total louuu for Chloe, being die-hard fans of Jack Bauer despite his Vijaykanth-isms, crying for Edgar Stiles(yes, I did cry, almost :|), TOTAL respect for President Palmer, admonishing Almeida, karichu kottifying Nina Myers, being awe-struck at the technology and crime levels – we’ve done it all πŸ˜› Easily the most riveting series I have watched so far! Sherlock is up next !


Got a Kindle Fire – After I was labelled a kanja-pisinaari of the worst degree by K and A together and forced to part with gifted my earlier kindle to A. So this one is nice and all, much funkier, no doubt, but clearly it has not been designed specifically for reading. It feels much heavier in the hand, and all the jazzy back light and everything – kinda takes out the charm of reading a book. Totally love one feature though. The device comes in with a built-in dictionary, so all you have to do to look up a word is to tap on it, and the dictionary reference pops up right next to it! I used to religiously look up theΒ  dictionary for words I did not know back in school, but somehow the practice wore away and I started to make-do with assumed meanings from the context. This one is a super feature, really ! First book on the new kindle is Life Of Pi. Not sure how I feel about the book so far, it is definitely different from the majority of books I have read, lets see how it shapes up.


Whatsapp ! Feels like being in the wing at college again ! All of us separated by oceans and continents, but never mind, I am sure this is the closest we can get to being so much in touch! Whatsapp is probably the BEST app I have used on my phone so far. So we now have a gang chat that runs 24*7 and keeps kicking through all timezones. So every morning, I wake up to atleast a few hundred messages on my phone, ranging from daily tidbits, to recipe tips and kitchen accomplishments(needless to say, this is the most prominent feature :P),rediscovering old friends and rehashing levels of relating to them, personal updates, work rants, gossip(WHAT ?), global affairs(err, yes, occasionally that too !) and just about everything under the sun. I can no longer count the number of times when I have been caught by K, grinning foolishly at my phone/typing away furiously having the least clue of what is happening around me. Whatsapp is definitely here to stay!


If you are a big fan of timepass games, I hope you have already checked out Fruit Ninja, Temple Runner, Doodle Jump and NinjJump and of course, the Baap of them all – Angry Birds! I guess all of these have both the iOS and Android versions. Now, don’t you judge my IQ level. Be nice children, and suggest more no-brainer games like these. This is how I turn when I am playing these games! You must have a fair idea of K’s plight now no ? πŸ˜€

***The End.***


One thought on “(Big Fat) Bullet Points

  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I cannot imagine life without Whatsapp. I am serious. Really.
    Thattiko about Nina Myers and Jack Bauer. Kudos to K to have made you finish an entire series. I couldn’t keep you awake through 1/3 of friends. 😐

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