Pattani hath arrived!

Another long hiatus. Yet again. Sigh. 
But hey, big news! Whatever blogger is left of me is now a mommy blogger! 😀 Pattani entered our lives on the 26th of November and undoubtedly, very little else in the world has been holding our attention over the last two months as much as he has. (Yes, the irrespective of the shameful inactivity on the blog, the little master has promptly been given a blog name and all; I am very ethical like that).

It still has not ceased to seem incredible that we are now actually parents; that this roly poly bundle that has suddenly made itself the center of our universe was silently getting its act together inside me for major part of last year. Seems like yesterday when K suddenly turned up in Pune one fine Sunday morning, a week before my due date, finding it impossible to sit back in Chennai knowing the baby could be out any day. Pattani got his cue from daddy dearest, and promptly decided to make his grand appearance the very next morning. As Dr SG held him up saying, ‘it’s a baby boy’ and there was an eruption of his lusty cries, I felt a million emotions all at the same time, mostly relief that he was out, safe and sound, making enough sound to bring the OT down(it’s ok, you don have to grin at the wordplay).There are quite a few things I want to put down about the preggy phase, but that will have to wait for a while. Days seem to roll by at a pace that I am struggling to cope with, and I think it’s high time I start chronicling.

At two months and a few days:

Quite frequently, Pattani looks at us and smiles directly into our faces. This privilege was earlier bestowed only upon the ceiling and the fan. Now we like to think he has started to recognize us. Gratifying is the word.

We have a dual word language. In-gaa for feed and akk-khhh for everything else. Akk-khhh combined with a bokka-vaaii chirippu(toothless grin does not quite convey the effect) is the most profound conversation the Pattani can have with you.(God! Freeze this moment for me, will you?)

Whoever invented the ceiling fan, not a day goes by without me feeling greatly indebted to you. Fan is the only object that is capable of changing his mood from bawling to intense delight within seconds. A common sight at home:
Pattani crying for no apparent reason.
One of us switch on the fan and go “pattukutti fan paaru, fan paaru” and slowly make him track our hand to the fan.
pattani : sudden blush- bokka vaai smile-kkkhhhh. Babies,omg!:)

Sport of the phase is kickboxing.Dad joked that if we attached a dynamo to his legs when he kicks, we could potentially contribute to alleviating the power crisis(I did say joke, go ahead and laugh and also make no mistake about where I get my sense of humor from ). So yeah, he kicks THAT hard in case the point was still not made. Another recent activity is he makes these giant leaps backwards, lying on his back, if we give him a little bit of support to push against when he kicks. Activiyy courtesy : Tambi A. Backstroke of Phelps in the making as Nivy aunty says!

His favorite time for the aforementioned activities is 12 am to 4 am. Yes, AM it is. That is also the time when he suddenly lapses into these unmanageable crying bouts for no reason, and everybody at home frantically tries to calm him down. The initial one month I just used to sit petrified, having not the least idea as to how to soothe him,wondering if he was crying out of hunger.He would promptly prove me wrong and continue wailing. This obviously speaks a lot about the sleep situation for everybody at home. Mom has been operating on a 2-3 hrs a day sleep routine ever since Nani left, and given the million things she has been doing over the last two months, I have no clue how I am going to manage once I leave Pune next month! I recently came across this somewhere: Whoever said sleeping like a baby obviously never had one. I gave this big wise nod. Ha ! A good night’s sleep like a thing of the distant past and almost invisible in the distant future. The crying seems to have SLIGHLTY diminished now, but bleary eyed nights of feed-pee-poop cycles, desperately trying to keep up with the brat’s astonishing energy levels as he kicks away to glory are totally on !

PS: One of the very few non baby activities that has happened over the last two months is I finally started off reading the translation of Ponninyin Selvan. I’ve only completed 2 volumes out of the six, so will reserve gushing about the wow-ness of it for a later post.


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