Such is life now !

When you bring your face really close to his when he is lying down, and he intently peers at you while his little fingers run all over your face, at times trying to grab your mouth and at times pinching your cheeks, and always trying to tug at your chain. <spectacle wearers are sure to get their glasses pulled off.>

When you have not had enough of your beauty sleep at 4 in the morning but sigh, you know the little one next to you is up and active already. Gone are the days when he would lie there on his back silently kickboxing into thin air. Now, he moves around till he gets perpendicularly between the two of us and rolls to lie on his tummy, and diligently makes sure both of us are aware of his achievements by kicking K with his legs and scratching me with his hands. You look at the clock groggy eyed and its barely 4. You stare at Pattani as if to ask what on earth he is up so early for. And THEN he flashes that toothless grin. Phut! You banish all thoughts of getting back to sleep, and scoop him up to give him his first peck for the day !

When he is lying on his tummy making valiant efforts to move forward, and you egg him on, going “vaa vaa vaa, pattans vaa vaa” and amidst the million other sounds he is making, he suddenly blurts out vaa vaa vaa in that baby voice. And you feel like he just spoke a full fledged sentence. Remember THIS ad ? We are much like that, yes !  The husband gets over ambitious and spends the whole Saturday coaching him to say Appa, and obviously has to concede defeat. He is all of five months old, after all, you chide him. Somehow it has caught on, and Paati casually sits beside him and says Appp-paa ! The bub looks at her and repeats – Pa , appp-paaa ! The look and smile on K’s face – you are quite sure you have never seen the likes of it anywhere else.

When he makes a big show of feeling sleepy and you put him in his thooli and start rocking. No sir, mere rocking is not enough. You sing all the songs you can recollect. Status:awake. You tune all the gibberish you can muster and make it sound like a lullaby. Status:awake. Repeat cycle. You start losing patience and your shoulders cry in protest. You bend down and peep into the thooli to see what he is upto. He is mildly startled, quickly gains composure and gives you that impish shy smile, the traces of sleepiness nowhere to be found. You grin back, trying not to think of the futility of the efforts of the last 30 minutes.