Ten. Almost..

Taa taa is the biggest obsession. I reckon he dreams of tata even in his sleep. He wakes up in the morning, you pleasantly coo a “Good Morning Pattani” to him, he gives you a wide smile and goes taaa taaa, with those hand movements(you get the picture?). Ditto behavior when both of us get back home after work. Appa and thatha are his standard tata-takers(?!). They only have to change to some decent t-shirt to activate his tata-radars. Irrespective of which corner of the house he is in, he crawls to them in top speed and lies right beneath their feet and looks up with those large, puppy eyes. Of course, the ONLY thing one can do is pick him up, cuddle him and take him out. For all this, one must think we take to to some fancy place each time, but no! His daily visitations extend to no further than the end of the street, but those HAVE TO HAPPEN, rain or shine, at least 5 times a day. Either that, or you can have your head eaten by taaa taaa taaa taa till you give in.(with those hand movements, of course. I admit he makes a damn cute sight when he does that.)


Veshamam is his middle name. I cannot exactly recall when the tiny helpless tot turned into this tsunami that he is now. From rolling over, he proceeded to commando crawl, then sat up and quickly learnt to grab on the sofa to hoist himself up to stand. All of two feet that he is, the damage that he is capable of is about tenfold. At least five hundred times a day he HAS to:

  • Grab on to anything that he can lay his hands on(least affected by insignificant issues like his hold-object not being strong enough to actually support him) and stand up.
  • Pull down with a flourishing clash anything he can lay his hands on
  • Appear mildly startled if the subject in question breaks into pieces(like a forgotten teacup)
  • Act as if nothing happened exactly one second later and proceed to pull down the next available item.
  • Meanwhile, suddenly forget that he is still needs to hold on to support to remain standing, and flail hands wildly to reach out to some fascinating object beyond reach. Crash land. Look around to see if anybody gives terrified gasps or shrieks. If yes, howl loudly and bask in the pity and consequential cuddles. Else, ignore and stand up again.


Remember how I said he takes to strangers pretty well? I think I spoke too soon. The size of the world population that is allowed to hold him stands at a grand total of 7. That includes me and K, both sets of grandparents and an uncle of ours(for the reason that he tirelessly takes him out for tata.) Everybody else, you may entertain Pattani from a distance, he will bestow upon you the most beatific of smiles. He will constantly keep checking if he has your attention for all his exploits. If you ignore him, he will draw your attention. You may talk to him all you want. But hold him, you cannot. I do not know why or when he developed such deep stranger anxiety, but it peaked during a recent family function that we attended where he absolutely refused to leave our side and created a massive scene if anybody tried to pry him away. Who am I kidding? Somewhere deep down, I felt like a million bucks. Who knows how long this phase is here to stay, and when it does, who wants to pass up the chance of being the most favored person to earth to Pattani ?


His favorite toys are not the bagful of innovative stuff that loving friends of ours have bought him on their visits. Not the ones that we so carefully and thoughtfully picked out for him. What he loves playing with are our tupperware lunchboxes and other storage cans, laundry bags, preferably full of dirty clothes and Appa’s cherished xBox games(pull, bang,chew – what else qualifies as play? Huh ?). Oh, I forget paper. Some paper passion he has. A fond mother can only hope this obsession for eating paper will turn into a passion for books some day. Wondering what the connection is? I said fond mother,right? Other sly activities include pulling down the tomato/onion basket down and squashing tomatoes, spotting an extremely invisible grain of rice or urad dhal and stuffing it into his mouth.

Such is life now.



6 thoughts on “Ten. Almost..

  1. lovely description and read! πŸ™‚ can totally picture everything you have written πŸ™‚ love to both you & pattani πŸ™‚ cutest mother & kid πŸ™‚

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