How the iPad = Appa

K was away on a business trip for all of a week and he missed out on being home for Diwali. Absolute bummer. It was his first week-long separation from Pattani after I came back from mum’s and the bub was severely warned that he dare not forget Appa’s moonji while he was away. I was instructed to make repeated references to Appa and record the (supposed)reactions of him severely missing Appa. This, despite the fact that we had already agreed to video-chat every single day. So every morning/night depending on when both of us were free, I would log on from the iPad and both of us would excitedly shout out from both ends to Pattani – “Appa paaaruu kutti, Appa paaru. Appa Paaru”(Yes, that was the bulk of our chat on any given day). Pattani would look at the iPad curiously as if expecting Appa to suddenly pop out and take him out for tata. Just to make his point, he would stare pointedly at K and mumble “tata” a few times. When it became clear that Appa was not going to oblige, he would lose interest and proceed to other important activities like
1.try to grab the iPad from my hand and casually drop it down with as much force as he can muster(and that is not less by any standards)
2.make a beeline for the nearest open almirah and pull down the books from the lower shelf and flip through them for 3 seconds before gleefully tearing them apart.
3.stand on tiptoes and pull down the just folded/ironed clothes with great effort
4. scan the floor for the tiniest, most invisible particles, quickly pop it in, and keep his mouth tightly shut when I demand to check.

Anyway, the Diwali was thus spent with us showing off our new clothes and the gazillion bakshanams that the paatis had whipped up for us, over chat and K gloomily holed up in a crazy office/hotel room. The only good thing that came out of this was that Pattani properly learnt the word Appa. His vocab list now reads : Appa, akkam(water), tata(but of course!), mumm-mumm and some random gibberish animal noises like kaa-kaa, boww.

When K returned, and things got back to routine, one morning K was holding Pattani and I took out the iPad to book some tickets. Pattani suddenly leapt out of his hands and made a grab for the iPad, shouting ‘Appa! Appa’. K was quite confused by the sudden outburst of paternal louu and very importantly said – “Kutti, Appa inga irukken ma, inga vaa”. Pattani refused to so much as look at him, kept turning the iPad and looking at it from all angles and going “Appa! Appa!” all the time. K looked stumped while I burst out laughing. One week of “Appa paaru” at the Ipad had done this to him! 😀

Now, more than ten days later, the iPad is still “Appa”. Even when K is playing with him, and he happens to spot the Ipad, K is royally ignored and he rushes to grab the iPad going “Appa!Appa” with great delight while K quietly mumbles -“Dei, naa thaan da Appa!