100 Happy Songs – Day 9

This one is right off the oven. Logged into FB yesterday morning and saw that a friend had shared the link to an album, Mundaasupatti. I’d never heard of the movie before, but music was by Sean Roldan. After the brilliant Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, I instantly knew my music for the day was ready. I have to admit, unlike VMP, I did not get hooked to ALL the songs at first listen. The album on the whole has a pretty rustic feel, and it (usually) takes time for such songs to grow on me. But every song has this very, very classy element that stands out as Sean Roldan’s stamp. There’s nothing to not like in Kadhal Kanave – lovely vocals by Pradeep and Kalyani – instant love. But the song that stood out for me and got me totally hooked after a couple of rounds is Rasa Magarasa – the solo version by RR himself. The violins, the bass, the top notch orchestration, the very native sounding lyrics married to some very groovy music – what a welcome whiff for Tamil film music. Looping. Today again.

PS: Aambala Singam and Idhu Enna from the same album – other top picks of the album – With the entry of the likes of Sean Roldan, Santhosh Narayan and Ghibran, it is suddenly like the IR/ARR magic is getting recreated for the next generation all over again !


100 Happy Songs – Day 8

Today’s song is an after effect of the ettu-mani-tiraipadam on K TV a couple of days ago. Kandukonden Kandukonden. I REALLY liked the movie, and I still wonder why it did not make it very big. Alaipayuthe pushed this one out of limelight. The absolutely gorgeous Aishwarya Rai(that green half saree in kannamoochi yenada almost started a half saree cult), Ajith looking his best, some very natural acting by Mamooty, Tabu and Srividya – I totally enjoyed the movie. And one of the many ARR albums where it is very very hard to pick a favorite. Today though, Hariharan trumps all else. Or maybe, its the Nalinakanthi. The more cheerful ragam, ever.

Nakshathirangalai oru naaril kattuvaen
Yendha naeramum un kadhavu thattuvaen
Ae kaadhal dhaevanae! Enadhu imaiyil unadhu vizhigaL mooduvaen

100 Happy Songs – Day 7

Another new music director from a legendary family today. Selvaganesh. Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu made people sit up and take notice – both the music and the movie. Here is a lovely song from the movie. Karthik’s hat trick appearance in this series is unintentional(really!) and he sounds his usual charming best. Chinmayee has to be one of the MOST versatile singers around. She sounds the same in no two songs, and sounds great in all her songs.

Kaavadi somappadhapol manasu kaadhala sumakkuthadaa
Kanavula nee varuva adhanaal kannu toongudhadi

100 Happy Songs – Day 6

It’s Karthik again today. For a while, this song was looping. And looping. And looping. And then, forgotten. I was jogging my memory for such forgotten songs, and this came up.
Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakkathule was a pretty nice album on the whole, with 3 versions of one song, Yen uyire Рone by Chitra, who just cannot NOT sound great irrespective of what she sings. The second one an unplugged version by Bombay Jayashree, and this version by Karthik, which is an inch above the other two for me. Yaaro Ivalo, by Haricharan is another song I really like from this album. So, where has this MD Achu vanished after this (only?) album?

Nee thaano penne nee thaano
Bharathi sonna soppanamo ?

100 Happy Songs – Day 5

Have you had a voice crush? Mine is Karthik. What.a.voice ! It is ARR again today – Nendhikitten from a very forgettable movie called Star.

A very breezy sounding Karthik with Chitra Sivaraman(I wonder if she still does playback singing. I haven’t heard too many of her songs in general, and none offlate). Karthik went on to sing much better, stud-der songs, especially for ARR, but this one has that beginner freshness !


100 Happy Songs – Day 4

4 days into the series, and I am yet to put up an ARR song – I surprise myself! The only magic I’ve seen being weaved right from his initial days in the industry. The only composer I can claim to have followed without having missed a single album(well, almost, I think). The man of the 1990’s. The man of the moment. A constant feature in my daily dose of music.

Again, ARR will take up roughly half my mind-space of favorite music, so starting the loooong list with an evergreen melody РPudhu Vellai Mazhai Рfrom Roja. Lovely, lovely vocals by Sujatha. I wish I could say the same about the male vocals, but I cannot, and I am leaving it at that.

Random memory : DW(Dance Workshop) in college, where a batch of psenti-semites waltzed to this song during my second year, and many of us thought it was the dreamiest sequence ever! Came to know close to a decade later that the husband had also been part of the said DW show. #fateIsFunny

Nathiyae Neeyaanaal Karai Naanae
Siru Paravai Neeyaanaal Un Vaanam Naanae

100 Happy Songs – Day 3

Perfection, thy name is Shreya Ghoshal. My most favourite singer – a voice I’d love for company, irrespective of whether I’m happy, sad or moody. Unimaginably gifted with that voice of hers, and some stunning talent and versatility, she is the creme de la creme indeed. I love most of her songs, so I’ll start with “one of” my top favourites – Piyu bole – from Parineeta. The golden voiced Sonu Nigam of course adds extra charm to the song – but that mischief, that lilt in Shreya’s voice – sigh!