100 Happy Songs – Day 1

I discovered Maya’s blog pretty recently, and I totally love her on-going 100 happy songs series. I am going to royally suttu-fy the idea from her, and do a blog-post a day dedicated to a song that has touched my life in some way, or just makes me happy for no reason. The idea is to do it for 100 days, but I did not hear anybody say consecutive, so, given how regularly(not!) I blog, you can expect this series to last for the next 10 years.

While I’m at it, I thought I should make this an opportunity to do something I’ve never done so far – pay attention to lyrics. So I can listen to a song just a couple of times and register the tune, interludes and stuff, and I can listen to it a 100 times and not register a word of the lyrics. So, how do I manage to keep humming all the time ? I make up some rubbish to go with great music, and get the wierdest looks from people who care to hear. So this attempt is dedicated to my mom, Nivy, K and Jan – a few of the souls that have been most affected by my errr..poetic capabilities.

I’ll start today with a song that has been trending on FM lately. FM is my biggest source of the latest in the Tamil music scene and an integral part of my work day mornings.

This particular song is from Pannaiyarum Padminiyum – my most favorite movie in recent times. Ok, I HAD to put down here how much I loved this movie. So unpretentious and heartwarming; each character SO beautifully natural, glorifying the simple joys and attachments in life. The “hero” Vijay Sethupathi totally steals the show by letting the Pannaiyar Jayaprakash steal the show!

This song highlights the romance between the village Pannaiyar and his wife – a middle aged couple. It is so understated – the kind you’d find between your parents or mine, the kind you’d hope to have a couple of decades later – a strong, unshakeable undercurrent of love, and an equally strong resolve to keep it non-showy.

Highlight : The female voice that starts off the song(Not sure who that is, and I reckon the female portions that come later on in the song are sung by a different singer. The one in the beginning is a stand-out).

Unakku vaakapattu varushanga pona enna, pogaadhu unnoda paasam
En uchi mudhal paadham varai en purusan aatchi.
Oor thekkaalathaan nikkum andha muthaalamman saatchi.




4 thoughts on “100 Happy Songs – Day 1

    • Haha! Where the hell did my comment go? πŸ˜€
      Guess what, most kids n their face konashtai on super singer remind me of you. I exclaim every day to K – ‘Jupup paadi paathurkiya? Ipdi aidum Ava face ‘ πŸ™‚

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