100 Happy Songs – Day 2

IR’s first in this series, and I am sure it is only the beginning of many more to come. Growing up, though IR’s was the only music that featured in my limited exposure to film music back then(Yes, the staple diet at home was Maharajapuram Santhanam, not Ilayaraja), my real passion for IR’s music flowered only during college. Nivy or V(can’t remember who exactly) introduced me to this song, and it kept looping in my hostel room all through my last semester.

Pootukkal potaalum veetukkul nikkadhu kaathu – from the movie Kshatriyan(which I haven’t watched, no surprises there) – very cheerful vocals by Janaki – and magic music that can perk you up, that only IR can create. ( I might say the same about ARR tomorrow, but today is definitely Raaja sir’s day)

A fond memory : Some of my batch mates started an Intranet radio station at the fag end of out last semester, and as you can imagine – it was quite a hit. Favorite songs, secret and not-so-secret dedications et al. It din’t last too long, but my birthday happened to fall in the week that it did. So I got wished on the intranet radio and had this song dedicated to me ! 🙂

Paadathai thalli veippom, paatukkal alli veippom
Aanandha kolathukku aarambha pulli veippom
Paravai pola parandhu parandhu
Padippai konjam marandhu marandhu
Aanaiyittu aadaveithaal thaamarai poongodi aadidumaa

Ha ha.

While you are at it, do also check out THIS version by Harmonize Projekt – I love the entire series, and this particular piece is delightful !




One thought on “100 Happy Songs – Day 2

  1. I did! I would have also lottifyd a dubba of cake flour on your head for added effect! We were sure dressing up like banu priya right through the first years of college anyway 🙂

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