100 Happy Songs – Day 4

4 days into the series, and I am yet to put up an ARR song – I surprise myself! The only magic I’ve seen being weaved right from his initial days in the industry. The only composer I can claim to have followed without having missed a single album(well, almost, I think). The man of the 1990’s. The man of the moment. A constant feature in my daily dose of music.

Again, ARR will take up roughly half my mind-space of favorite music, so starting the loooong list with an evergreen melody – Pudhu Vellai Mazhai – from Roja. Lovely, lovely vocals by Sujatha. I wish I could say the same about the male vocals, but I cannot, and I am leaving it at that.

Random memory : DW(Dance Workshop) in college, where a batch of psenti-semites waltzed to this song during my second year, and many of us thought it was the dreamiest sequence ever! Came to know close to a decade later that the husband had also been part of the said DW show. #fateIsFunny

Nathiyae Neeyaanaal Karai Naanae
Siru Paravai Neeyaanaal Un Vaanam Naanae


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