100 Happy Songs – Day 9

This one is right off the oven. Logged into FB yesterday morning and saw that a friend had shared the link to an album, Mundaasupatti. I’d never heard of the movie before, but music was by Sean Roldan. After the brilliant Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, I instantly knew my music for the day was ready. I have to admit, unlike VMP, I did not get hooked to ALL the songs at first listen. The album on the whole has a pretty rustic feel, and it (usually) takes time for such songs to grow on me. But every song has this very, very classy element that stands out as Sean Roldan’s stamp. There’s nothing to not like in Kadhal Kanave – lovely vocals by Pradeep and Kalyani – instant love. But the song that stood out for me and got me totally hooked after a couple of rounds is Rasa Magarasa – the solo version by RR himself. The violins, the bass, the top notch orchestration, the very native sounding lyrics married to some very groovy music – what a welcome whiff for Tamil film music. Looping. Today again.

PS: Aambala Singam and Idhu Enna from the same album – other top picks of the album – With the entry of the likes of Sean Roldan, Santhosh Narayan and Ghibran, it is suddenly like the IR/ARR magic is getting recreated for the next generation all over again !


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