100 Happy Songs – Day 11

Here is a song that has always made me feel extremely happy and psenti at the same time – Anjali Anjali from Anjali. Well, the occasion is such – my entry into year 29 was marked by Pattani running around calling out ‘tooooo youuuu, tooooo youuuuu’ every now and then(the outcome of K coaching him to sing happy birthday to you), a relaxed Saturday at home with a luxurious afternoon nap(which means the Pattani did not decide to end his afternoon nap exactly at the same moment when I finished off my chores and settled down to catch a breath), loads of wishes from friends and relatives, and a nice dinner at a new Gujju eat out. It has all the markings of growing old, doesn’t it? But I think this year I have kinda come to terms with it, so I am going to bed with super contentment and a big smile, after spending the last half an hour singing various lullabies as per the Pattani’s demands and watching him finally doze off to his baby sleep – that explains the contentment.
As for the song, there is only so much justice words can do to explain such magic. To think one person conceived it all in his head – #IRisGod. Second interlude-aha!
Peace out.

Nadandhu nadanthu varum poochendu
Parandhu parandhu varum pon vandu
Edukka edukka iru kai kondu
Inikka inikka varum karkandu

PS: This song also evokes fond memories of my psenti music nite at college where we performed this with a bunch of super-stud musicians. Those memories never fail to bring a smile 🙂


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