100 Happy Songs – Day 24

After mentioning Dooba Dooba in yesterday’s post, I HAD to go back and listen to other songs of Mohit Chauhan. With ARR’s magic, he has established himself as one of the MOST versatile singers around. He totally owned Rockstar, so much so that I can hear his voice when I think Ranbir Kapoor. Anyway, today’s song is the extremely peppy Masakkali, from Delhi 6. WHAT.AN.ALBUM. One of the few ARR albums in recent times where you’d be spoilt for choice to pick a favorite song. Arziyan, Rehna Tu, Bhor Bhaye, Dil Gira Daftan – all on the regular playlist, but Mohit it is today, hence – Masakkali !

Random memory : Remember watching this movie with wingies on a very short Bangalore trip. It was a weekend, and ticket prices in Bangalore during weekends were ridiculous to say the least. At the theatre, we queued up to get our tickets verified by a guy at the counter to let us in, and he very coolly pointed out that the tickets we had were for the previous day’s show. Feeling foolish, we decided to let it go and head home, but Soumi, extremely “guilt” stricken by her oversight insisted we HAD to watch the movie and bought tickets all over again. And so we ended up paying the insane ticket prices twice over, hoping the movie better be worth it. I wish I could say “thankfully it was” next, but no. Our luck seemed to worsen, and it turned out to be a mega bore. Had it not been for the amount of money we shelled out, I doubt if we would have even had the patienc to sit through the movie. The music, of course was the only saving grace.


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