100 Happy Songs : Day 29 – Day 31

I’ve been reading very good things about the soundtrack of Ramanujan, and I’ve just started listening to the playlist. Music is by Ramesh Vinayakam – remember Nala Damayanti? Azhagiya theeye ? University? These are the only ones I can recollect, but just a handful of songs from these three suffice to speak for his work. Posting three of my favorites from his albums today. The male vocalist of all these songs is the composer himself, and to be honest, I am not a big fan of Ramesh Vinayakam – the vocalist, but Chitra and Chinmayee more than make up for it in the first two songs. From what I’ve heard so far, tomorrow’s post is most likely to be a pick from Ramanujan.
<Skipping youtube links, because of unsatisfactory audio quality.>

29. Kadhalai valarthai – University :

A beautiful composition. Vidyasagar-esque. Chitraaa! Every single time she goes Yen indha nenju vimmi vimmi thulludho

<The stylish Nenje thulli po(by Karthik) is another song I really like!>

30. Enna Idhu – Nala Damayathi :

Firstly what a nice, clean movie. And this song! Lilting, simple and that lovely singing by Chinmayee – makes you smile every single time.

31. Vizhigalin Aruginil – Azhagiya Theeye :

There was a phase in college, where this song used to loop endlessly in multiple hostel rooms. Dreamy, beautiful song. Makes you go ahaaaa! at several points in the song!:) My favorite of the three songs that I’ve posted today.


100 Happy Songs – Day 28

Rotten work day. Sometimes I REALLY wish I could fly away to a parallel world and do something apart from stupid programming for a living. Like, writing maybe? Knitting? Singing? Settle down in Heidi-esque hills, bask in nature’s glory, glutton on yummy food and read away like there’s no tomorrow? Reality check. I may not be terrific at any of these things. They are not going to pay me for doing all this(obviously). Glamorous as it sounds, the parallel world is a big myth(yes, I know. I am smart like that :|). And it is not everyday that the real world sucks as much. I can just make do with it. As if I have a choice, anyway.
Ok. Happy song. Had to rack my brains to come up with something. But what I did manage is an absolute beauty. Nondescript movie, an even more nondescript cast. But ARR it is! And vocals by the honey-spewing Srinivas. There is another beautiful version of the song by Sujatha too, but this one is the winner for me. Chotta Chotta from Taj Mahal !

100 Happy Songs – Day 27

A chip off the old block today – Yuvan Shankar Raja. This man has been quite a sensation for a while now, but I am personally not a great fan of his music. Too mainstream for my liking, though a couple of songs here and there do manage to catch your attention for a while. I am an even lesser fan of his singing, so the lesser said about it the better. Today’s song , however is a recent, endearing composition of his, sung beautifully by Sriram Parthasarathy.

Aanandha yazhai meetugiraai
adi nenjil vannam theetugirai
Anbennum kudaiyai neetugirai
athil aayiram mazhaithuli kootugirai

100 Happy Songs – Day 26

To nobody’s surprise, after all the buildup about IR vaaaaramm, I missed out posting on THE man’s birthday. The weekend sickness is not quite over, and continues to nag me. An infection of the throat is quite possibly the most annoying interference you can encounter. You can neither behave like you are terribly sick, nor can you go about your day normally.

FB informed me as soon as I logged in this morning that it was SPB’s birthday today – looks like the first week of June is quite the celeb week – Mani Ratnam, Ilayaraja and now SPB. So I thought today’s song had to be SPB-IR combo. Easier said than done. Songs came flooding in – SPB was undoubtedly one of the top reasons why the IR era was so golden. If you go aaaha! over an IR song, 4 times out of 5, it would HAVE to be an SPB song – that versatile, majestic voice that could carry off any song with ease and implant itself so firmly in your head that the song would never sound quite the same if you heard it sung by anyone else in the future!

Raakamma, for instance. Ah, the grandeur of the composition. Immediate thought chain – the violins, the harmony, the superstar, the demure Shobhana and SPB’s voice (of course very ably supported by Chitra who just sounds her normal, perfect self :))

100 Happy Songs – Day 25

The FM world is abuzz with “Raaja Sir’s” birthday that is tomorrow. So I got a break from the crappy music, VJ banter and endless advertisements that all seem to play out with a vengeance only during my commute to work. Apparently, there is this channel(cannot recollect which one) that is going to play ONLY Raaja’s music for the next 70 hours. What a blessing! So I started my day with Rum Bum Bum on FM. What a spirit lifter after a bummer weekend, which me and Pattani spend sick in bed. 😐
The occassion cannot be more right for an exclusive IR week on this series, no ? (obviously, this is what all this preamble was leading upto :P). Starting with a song that is very close to my heart. Again from MMKR. The movie which you can possibly never tire of(ok, except the slightly mokkai-ish climax). Kamal – inimitable, matchless – winning you over in every frame of the movie. And this song, of course.