100 Happy Songs – Day 25

The FM world is abuzz with “Raaja Sir’s” birthday that is tomorrow. So I got a break from the crappy music, VJ banter and endless advertisements that all seem to play out with a vengeance only during my commute to work. Apparently, there is this channel(cannot recollect which one) that is going to play ONLY Raaja’s music for the next 70 hours. What a blessing! So I started my day with Rum Bum Bum on FM. What a spirit lifter after a bummer weekend, which me and Pattani spend sick in bed. šŸ˜
The occassion cannot be more right for an exclusive IR week on this series, no ? (obviously, this is what all this preamble was leading upto :P). Starting with a song that is very close to my heart. Again from MMKR. The movie which you can possibly never tire of(ok, except the slightly mokkai-ish climax). Kamal – inimitable, matchless – winning you over in every frame of the movie. And this song, of course.


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