100 Happy Songs – Day 26

To nobody’s surprise, after all the buildup about IR vaaaaramm, I missed out posting on THE man’s birthday. The weekend sickness is not quite over, and continues to nag me. An infection of the throat is quite possibly the most annoying interference you can encounter. You can neither behave like you are terribly sick, nor can you go about your day normally.

FB informed me as soon as I logged in this morning that it was SPB’s birthday today – looks like the first week of June is quite the celeb week – Mani Ratnam, Ilayaraja and now SPB. So I thought today’s song had to be SPB-IR combo. Easier said than done. Songs came flooding in – SPB was undoubtedly one of the top reasons why the IR era was so golden. If you go aaaha! over an IR song, 4 times out of 5, it would HAVE to be an SPB song – that versatile, majestic voice that could carry off any song with ease and implant itself so firmly in your head that the song would never sound quite the same if you heard it sung by anyone else in the future!

Raakamma, for instance. Ah, the grandeur of the composition. Immediate thought chain – the violins, the harmony, the superstar, the demure Shobhana and SPB’s voice (of course very ably supported by Chitra who just sounds her normal, perfect self :))


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