100 Happy Songs – Day 28

Rotten work day. Sometimes I REALLY wish I could fly away to a parallel world and do something apart from stupid programming for a living. Like, writing maybe? Knitting? Singing? Settle down in Heidi-esque hills, bask in nature’s glory, glutton on yummy food and read away like there’s no tomorrow? Reality check. I may not be terrific at any of these things. They are not going to pay me for doing all this(obviously). Glamorous as it sounds, the parallel world is a big myth(yes, I know. I am smart like that :|). And it is not everyday that the real world sucks as much. I can just make do with it. As if I have a choice, anyway.
Ok. Happy song. Had to rack my brains to come up with something. But what I did manage is an absolute beauty. Nondescript movie, an even more nondescript cast. But ARR it is! And vocals by the honey-spewing Srinivas. There is another beautiful version of the song by Sujatha too, but this one is the winner for me. Chotta Chotta from Taj Mahal !


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