100 Happy Songs – Day 27

A chip off the old block today – Yuvan Shankar Raja. This man has been quite a sensation for a while now, but I am personally not a great fan of his music. Too mainstream for my liking, though a couple of songs here and there do manage to catch your attention for a while. I am an even lesser fan of his singing, so the lesser said about it the better. Today’s song , however is a recent, endearing composition of his, sung beautifully by Sriram Parthasarathy.

Aanandha yazhai meetugiraai
adi nenjil vannam theetugirai
Anbennum kudaiyai neetugirai
athil aayiram mazhaithuli kootugirai


100 Happy Songs – Day 26

To nobody’s surprise, after all the buildup about IR vaaaaramm, I missed out posting on THE man’s birthday. The weekend sickness is not quite over, and continues to nag me. An infection of the throat isย quite possibly the most annoying interference you can encounter. You can neither behave like you are terribly sick, nor can you go about your day normally.

FB informed me as soon as I logged in this morning that it was SPB’s birthday today – looks like the first week of June is quite the celeb week – Mani Ratnam, Ilayaraja and now SPB. So I thought today’s song had to be SPB-IR combo. Easier said than done. Songs came flooding in – SPB was undoubtedly one of the top reasons why the IR era was so golden. If you go aaaha! over an IR song, 4 times out of 5, it would HAVE to be an SPB song – that versatile, majestic voice that could carry off any song with ease and implant itself so firmly in your head that the song would never sound quite the same if you heard it sung by anyone else in the future!

Raakamma, for instance. Ah, the grandeur of the composition. Immediate thought chain – the violins, the harmony, the superstar, the demure Shobhana and SPB’s voice (of course very ably supported by Chitra who just sounds her normal, perfect self :))

100 Happy Songs – Day 25

The FM world is abuzz with “Raaja Sir’s” birthday that is tomorrow. So I got a break from the crappy music, VJ banter and endless advertisements that all seem to play out with a vengeance only during my commute to work. Apparently, there is this channel(cannot recollect which one) that is going to play ONLY Raaja’s music for the next 70 hours. What a blessing! So I started my day with Rum Bum Bum on FM. What a spirit lifter after a bummer weekend, which me and Pattani spend sick in bed. ๐Ÿ˜
The occassion cannot be more right for an exclusive IR week on this series, no ? (obviously, this is what all this preamble was leading upto :P). Starting with a song that is very close to my heart. Again from MMKR. The movie which you can possibly never tire of(ok, except the slightly mokkai-ish climax). Kamal – inimitable, matchless – winning you over in every frame of the movie. And this song, of course.

100 Happy Songs – Day 24

After mentioning Dooba Dooba in yesterday’s post, I HAD to go back and listen to other songs of Mohit Chauhan. With ARR’s magic, he has established himself as one of the MOST versatile singers around. He totally owned Rockstar, so much so that I can hear his voice when I think Ranbir Kapoor. Anyway, today’s song is the extremely peppy Masakkali, from Delhi 6. WHAT.AN.ALBUM. One of the few ARR albums in recent times where you’d be spoilt for choice to pick a favorite song. Arziyan, Rehna Tu, Bhor Bhaye, Dil Gira Daftan – all on the regular playlist, but Mohit it is today, hence – Masakkali !

Random memory : Remember watching this movie with wingies on a very short Bangalore trip. It was a weekend, and ticket prices in Bangalore during weekends were ridiculous to say the least. At the theatre, we queued up to get our tickets verified by a guy at the counter to let us in, and he very coolly pointed out that the tickets we had were for the previous day’s show. Feeling foolish, we decided to let it go and head home, but Soumi, extremely “guilt” stricken by her oversight insisted we HAD to watch the movie and bought tickets all over again. And so we ended up paying the insane ticket prices twice over, hoping the movie better be worth it. I wish I could say “thankfully it was” next, but no. Our luck seemed to worsen, and it turned out to be a mega bore. Had it not been for the amount of money we shelled out, I doubt if we would have even had the patienc to sit through the movie. The music, of course was the only saving grace.

100 Happy Songs – Day 13 – 23 : Throwback Thursday

Sometime in the last fortnight as I was laboring through long, never-ending work days, I tired of the playlist I’d made of the recent Tamil songs, and out of the blue started listening to Hindi music from the 90s. Random songs, most of them. And then out of a whim, I youtube-d Tanha Dil by Shaan. And THAT is when the nostalgia wave hit – of the cult that came to be called Indipop – the one that dominated MTV and Channel V for nearly a decade, of “tiffin” time on school day evenings spent in front of the TV switching between the two channels, thinking Cyrus Broacha and Shehnaz were among the coolest people around, and catching up on the “new” songs during lunch breaks at school. This was class 9 upwards if I can remember right. I was quite surprised by the stream of songs that came to my memory from those years – some of them I still enjoyed immensely, and others made me go – THIS song was rage ? Bah ! ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, putting up some songs that I have the most vivid memories of – maybe I’ll revisit this post a few years later and bask in the flashback mode again. Don’t want to overcrowd this post – so avoiding the links. They are all over youtube.

13. Mehfuz : Euphoria
Euphoria is/was easily a favorite Indipop band. Love the earthy spirit of their music. Maeri, Dhoom Pichak and Gully were among the more popular songs back then, but Mehfuz(which I came to know of a little later) went on to become a favorite!

14. Tanha dil : Shaan
You just cannot not like this song/Shaan’s voice. Got a group and wanna sing along together? Pick this.

15. Khoya Khoya Chand : Alka Yagnik/Babul Supriyo
This was one of the songs that got lost in the multitude of songs flooding the scene then. My idea of the perfect romantic song back then.

16. Sare sapne kahin kho gaye : Alka again.
Another beautiful beautiful song.

17. Paisa: Agosh
I was introduced to this song only in college, but I reckon it must’ve come out in the same time frame. Fultoo fun song. Brilliant interlude. Unbelievable Mohanam.

18. Dooba Dooba : Silk Route
The humble beginnings of THE Mohit Chauhan. With a voice like that, he HAD to make it big no? Breezy song. Typical 90’s feel!

19. Indian Rain : Colonial Cousins
I love the entire album, but the feel of this song – aaaha !

20. Woh Chali : Bombay Vikings
This song makes me laugh now, but I have to admit I used to put mega enthu for Bombay Vikings once upon a time ๐Ÿ˜€ Same with Falguni Pathak ๐Ÿ˜›

21. Chamak Cham cham : Yesudas
Yesudas and Indipop ? A rather unlikely combination, one would think. But I remember I used to love everything about the song – the video and the cute guy in the video included ๐Ÿ˜›

22. Piya Basanti Re : Chitra & Ustad Sultan Khan
Lovely song. Just listened to it – and it transported me to Class 10 again!

23. Lucky Ali/ Adnan Sami
This post would be incomplete without a mention of these two, but I can’t pick a song. Lucky Ali has a very distinct way of singing that I quite like, but to me, all his songs sound pretty similar. Kabhi Aisa Lagta hai, maybe? Not crazy about Adnan Sami at all. Bheegi Bheegi raaton mein, if I had to pick one for the record.

I think this could go on and on, but I am not spending any more of my 100 songs on this post :P. Band of Boys, VIVA, Sunita Rao, Sonu Nigam(I LOVE his singing. But infinitely prefer his songs in movies to his albums, hence not including in this list), Kaliyon ka chaman, Vasundhara Das – what else did I miss ?

Freeze this!

*Soppy content alert. Strictly not for the pooh-pooh-ers*

K and I got back pretty late from work today- not so unusual for K, but really rare for me because I generally ensure I wind up and reach home by 7 max, so that I can spend a good amount of time with Pattani before he hits the bed. I was pretty bummed today – partly irritated because my work was being a mule(literally. Geek alert!ha!) and refusing to solve its own problems and also guilty that I’d been away for so long. I was hoping he wouldn’t be too sleepy and there he was, sitting on his cycle. The minute he saw us, he let out a squeal of delight – Ammmaaa!!!!Apppaaa!!! I went in and scooped him up and gave him a tight hug, and at that moment, quite inexplicably, all the guilt vanished and came flooding back at the same time!

ย  ย  ย  ***

When I lie face down down on my tummy on the bed, Pattani instantly drops whatever he is doing, comes running and launches himself onto me with a thud. Then he climbs up and lies down on top of me on his tummy, and hugs me(how much ever he can manage with those kutti hands at least). It gives me the feeling that he thinks it is the best place for him to be, but I wonder if he knows that his mommy has never been in a better place before.


After 30 mins of unsuccessfully trying to put him to sleep, I just give up and as a last ditch effort, pretend to be asleep in the hope that he will follow suit. He notices that I have gone still, peers into my face, mutters ‘amma. Thaachi(sleeping) , snuggles closer, gently pats my head and goes ‘Jo Jo Jo’. I can barely suppress a smile and open my eyes to look at that tiny face. He is delighted to find me awake and coos – ammmmaaaa!!! And the sleep effort starts from the scratch again.


When I am at home, but busy in the kitchen and don’t nondify him for a while, he comes sauntering to the kitchen calling out ammma ? Maaa?
Me: enna ma?
Pattani: maaa ?
Me: enna ma?
Pattani: ma?
And the same thing 5-6 times.
Me: enna da venum?
Pattani: tooki(lift me up)
I lift him up, starting to glow in his affection.
Pattani(spotting the sugar dabba):kakku!!
Since affection makes me generous, I give him a few crystals of sugar.
Pattani: keeya!(put me down )
Me: dei. Kakku kuduthen la. Let me konjify you a little.(shameless bribery that transcends language)
Pattani suddenly starts bawling ‘keeeeeyaaaa’ and makes me look like a kidnapper caught red handed.
I hmph and set him down and he instantly bolts like he can’t wait to get away from me. Man of priorities indeed!
Naana onna koopten! I mutter to myself :/( Did I call you in the first place ?)


100 Happy Songs – Day 12

The showers finally brought some much needed respite from the blazing Chennai summer, and it was so great to wake up to a pleasant morning. Here is a THE rain song. This is the most sprightly rain song, ever. And what a movie – with its timeless characters, Mani Ratnam’s classy subtlety and IR’s ethereal soundtrack! An all time favorite !